For Sale:
Nova Scotia Walking Wheel circa 1840, in mint condition and works well.  It also adds coziness and character to a home. 
Asking $250.00, contact A Jamieson at
For Sale:
8-shaft Louet David 2 loom, purchased new 2019. 36” wide. Comes with 10 dent reed, extra heddles, lease sticks, 16 warping sticks and a light strip has been added.
I am asking $4500 for it. I am located close to Sidney (ferry terminal) on Vancouver Island.  My contact info is Trudy Exton 250-213-2962

For Sale:

a variety of spinning and fiber prep items; prices as indicated. Contact Anne Love at


Ashford spinning wheel, $200     Lin Black spinner, $90                      shuttle, $25; niddy-noddy, $25


Patrick Green Drum carder, $400       Hand Cards, $40                                  table-top swift; $30

(needs belt; order online)

For Sale:

 Louët spinning wheel.  It’s like the S10 but earlier. The first generation Louët spinning wheels, like the S10 and S17, all have a single belt bobbin drive with an adjustable flyer brake to regulate tension. This results in spinning wheels that are very easy to learn how to spin on, the wheels are very suitable to spin thicker yarns, and VERY LOW MAINTENANCE. Comes with 3 bobbins and a built-in kate.

Sale price $325. Available for pick up in North Vancouver. contact Tanya at


For Sale:

AVL Flyshuttle with Tensioner plus 7 pirns. Asking $150.00


For Sale on the Sunshine Coast:

AVL 16 shaft Folding Dobby Loom, 40 “weaving width. 

c/w Compu-dobby, 2 plain back beams, raddle, auto advance, locking brake, e-Lift and bench.

One owner. Excellent condition. $6500.00. Contact Jean Curry at


For Sale:
45″ wide Leclerc Nilus loom (4-shaft jack type). Asking $950. Extras such as bobbins, wool, heddles, reeds also available.
I’d really like it to go to a good home!
Contact Helena at  Mobile +16042205922

For Sale:

8 Shaft Leclerc Compact 24” for $2,400.

Brand New Loom. Only one warp has touched this loom. A jack loom that folds to 18 inches wide and is easily movable because of the wheels attached to each leg. This loom is very similar to the Baby Wolf. Included are two reeds (12 and 10 dent), a boat shuttle, lease sticks and a custom made shuttle holder which attaches  to the front frame (like the Wolf Trap on the Baby Wolf).

Located in North Vancouver – email

For Sale:

Older Leclerc “Dorothy” 4-shaft (folding) table loom, 20″ weaving width. Works fine but needs some tuning. $75. Located in North Vancouver, photos/viewing/further information upon request. Email

Older Leclerc  4-shaft floor loom (perhaps a Nilus), 36″ weaving width. The back beam folds in. One reed included. Works well – used all the time. $250. Located in North Vancouver, photos/viewing/further information upon request. Email

Older table loom, , 20″ weaving width, brand unknown. Toggles at the front, pull down with a string, direct lift of shafts. Works fine. $75. Located in North Vancouver, photos/viewing/further information upon request. Email

For Sale:

Looking for a new home for my four harness style Nilus LeClerc floor loom  – when assembled and “dressed” a lovely piece of furniture. The weaving area is 45″ wide with two warp beams. Helpful resources include – a manual, beginners weaving book and accessories to support and explorations of new techniques: warping board, shuttles, warp sticks, Salish spinning wheel head, reeds, several skeins of jute. Asking $700.00 or best offer.

Please leave a message – 604-946-0676 and contact number if interested.


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