GVWSG Privacy Policy

The Greater Vancouver Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild respects and honours the right to privacy of all our members and continues to ensure these rights for individual members while also promoting our Guild to the public using current media resources. The Guild complies with the Personal Information Protection Act.

When signing up for membership, individuals may choose not to provide their email address. In compliance with the Societies Act, the membership form states that the individual waives their right to receive all Guild notices, as these are distributed via email.

The Membership Directory contains the names and contact information of all members and is accessible to all members as required by law. The information contained in the Membership Directory is to be used only by members and only for the purpose of contacting other members. It is not to be used for sales or promotion of products or services and is not to be provided to any other organization.

At GVWSG events, members can take photos and submit them to our newsletter editor or social media co-ordinators to illustrate our activities to other members and to the general public. Members are under no obligation to be photographed and can simply instruct a photographer to avoid taking photos of themselves and/or their work.

Photographers must announce their intention to take photographs at Guild Events.

Individuals who agree to be photographed are agreeing to the following potential uses of the photo:
1) Photos of individuals, groups, and textiles may be featured in the GVWSG newsletter and on its social media accounts. Photographs may be captioned with first names. A member can request that their surname be included by sending the permission statement below to the newsletter editor or social media coordinator.
2) Photos of textiles may be featured on the GVWSG website. They may have a caption that includes the first name of the maker. A member can request that their surname be included by sending the permission statement below to the website coordinator.
3) Photos of individuals, groups, and textiles may be used in posters or other publicity media for Guild events. The person creating the poster must obtain email consent from each participant.

Members are reminded that face-recognition software makes it possible to identify almost anyone whose photograph appears on the internet: members who have concerns about privacy are encouraged to consent only to having their textiles photographed.

To grant permission to feature your full name in the newsletter, on the website, or on social media accounts, please email the statement below to the newsletter editor, website coordinator, or social media coordinator:

For as long as I am a member in good standing, I (insert name) give my consent to the GVWSG to publish my full name in the Guild (insert newsletter/website/Instagram/Facebook) both within a feature story and in the caption for a photo that includes me or my work.

Approved June 13, 2019