1. Books and other items from the library are available for borrowing by any member in good standing.
  2. Items from the library may be borrowed for 2 months. i.e. from Day meeting to the next Day meeting or Night meeting to the next Night meeting.
  3. The person borrowing the book or other item, must provide a legible signature or a printed name below the signature.
  4. Overdue items are subject to a fine of $1 per item per month overdue. Library privileges will be withdrawn until the items are returned to the library and the fines paid.
  5. A member may renew a loan from the library for additional 2 months one time, in person – items do not have to be stamped again with the new Due Date. The individual is responsible for recording/remembering the new date.
  6. At the May day meeting library items may be borrowed for over the summer. That is, items will not be due until the day meeting in September. At the June meeting library items may be borrowed until the night meeting in October.
  7. Borrowers automatically agree to replace mutilated or lost library items with a duplicate copy or one of similar content approved by the Guild Librarian.