Macomber 10-Harness Loom for Sale

40inch weaving width
10 Harnesses
14 Treadles
Double warp Beams
Excellent condition

Loom folds for easy storage or for easy heddle access for dressing from the front of the loom or the Breast Beam can be dropped to the floor to allow easy heddle access when threading from the back. Treadling is very easy because of the unique lifting design of the Macomber and the light weight frames. Extra harnesses and treadles opens wider possibility for pattern structure, including more pattern possibility for double weave or multiple layers if desired. This is a work-horse loom that will handle anything from lace or garment weight to tapestry or rugs. The frame is strong and rigid so there is no torque with very light tension and hard beating. It is excellent for the weaver who wants to weave a variety of weights and texture but doesnā€™t want to own multiple looms.
Available to view in Anacortes, WA. Will deliver to B.C./U.S.A. border
Questions? Call Jean 949-682-6541