Renting equipment – rules

  1. The Guild member is renting for her/his own use, and the equipment is not to be given to some other person.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Guild member renting equipment to pick up and return items. Rental rates apply for the duration of the period the equipment is out. If the equipment is not returned by the time the rental period is up, an additional rental fee will be charged.
  3. Equipment will be returned in the same or better condition then it was received. The renter is liable for the cost of replacement or repair of equipment should it be damaged or destroyed or should parts be missing.
  4. A deposit is required when equipment is rented. The deposit will be applied to the repair or replacement of the rental item if it is damaged or destroyed.
  5. Prior to each rental, please record any existing faults in the equipment, such as scratches or missing parts.